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We have developed devices that treat health conditions such as migraine, insomnia, pain, kidney and pancreas problems.

Nothing to lose. Guaranteed results or your money back.







As a company, we believe that our mission is to take care of your physical and financial wellbeing. This is done through magnetic biotherapies, an alternative, durable, economical and completely natural medicine that can work in conjunction with traditional medical practices. We want to show how we have helped patients with different diseases.

First of all, I want to thank you so much you and your staff for the delivery of the Magnetic Healer Kit for my Mother Marta Gorbea. I have noticed many improvements in comparison to two months ago. Our family greatly appreciates that!

Wanda De Mendoza

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After using your Magnetic Healer for about an hour a day while I watched TV or rested, my tremors began to reduce and in less than a week Iwas able to cook, clean my house and enjoy gardening again!

Monserrate Sepulveda

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When I came to visit Mr. Elberto Berdut for the first time on Dec. 22, 2015, at age 80, I had a diagnosis of Idiopathic Parkinson's for several years. The first two weeks of using two 1,000 Gauss magnets on my head for two hours daily. produced a light headed and unreal feeling: I was sleepy most of the time and had periods of less tremor but had some headache and some instability while walking.

Pedro van Marissing

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Magnetic therapy should not be used by persons using pacemakers, internal automatic defibrillators, insulin pumps, transdermal patches with electronic signals and pregnant women. Our devices should not be used as a substitute for medical care or a prescription. Prior medical evaluation is always recommended. MAGNETIC HEALER, INC. does not claim to be a medical product or instrument, but an alternative to prevent or improve these existing conditions. The buyer assumes all responsibility for the proper use of this product.